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  • This module allows generation of stormwater runoff hydrograph using the SCS Unit Hydrograph, the Rational Hydrograph, and the Santa Barbara Urban Hydrograph methods. 


  • The rainfall distribution data are selected from a list of 20 options, of which 18 are fixed distributions (selected SCS, FDOT and other Florida distributions) and the last two (2) are changeable distribution options, which can be specified by the user.  The limitations of this module is that it can only generate a runoff hydrograph for a single watershed.  However, the Infiltration module of MODRET was developed to accept runoff hydrograph from other models, such as AdICPRTM, SMADA, CHAN or other similar commercially available models.  The format of the runoff hydrograph is very simple (text format) and can be adapted from various sources.

What's New in MODRET 6.13 Hydrograph?

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