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  • Automatic generation of batch hydrographs for the FDOT rainfall series.  

  • An option for back to back runoff hydrographs with a specified period between the storms.  This option was added to create a hydrograph for 100-year storm events where recovery of the first storm can not be achieved within the specified period of time.  In such cases, the back to back storms are used to assess if the second storm event can be retained within the pond after the specified recovery period.

  • An option to add a discharge hydrograph from an upstream pond to the runoff hydrograph of the downstream pond.  This option was added to allow modeling of multiple ponds in series by adding the discharge from one pond to the next.

  • A manual input option to create a slug load hydrograph or a non-conforming runoff hydrograph was added.  This allows creation of a single slug load hydrograph that can be used to model recovery of the pollution abatement volume.  Alternatively, for complex or non-conforming type runoff, a manual time vs runoff volume can be entered in a table format to create a hydrograph.

  • And much more!

What's New in MODRET 7 Hydrograph?

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